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Tuesday, 08 December 2009 17:58
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During the seminar

Since 2012 Research center has been integrated into the Kazimieras Simonavicius university as Research and development center.

Research centre began it‘s existence in early 2000 as an informal group of scholars at ABM, who where encouraged and supported by the leadership to be actively engaged in modern scientific research.

Initial results in the form of scholarly publications evolved in 2002 primarily in local journals. Subsequently, the process has accelerated to involve new perspective topics, projects and research. Since then the Research centre has grown in size and quality especially as we have managed to become an international team with ambitions for the international publications and recognition.

Today prevails clear understanding, that development of the Research centre is an important step in the further progress of the institution. Project based research groups are formed in order to generate new conceptual and applied research. R&D projects are especially encouraged.

Our research results are already published in the number of Thomson ISI master list and other international journals (see menu for Publications). Each year researchers are participating in the international conferences, generating ISI proceedings.

In addition, we are

- publishing Working papers (see menu),

- organizing scientific seminars (see menu),

- organizing consultancy work,

- implementing R&D projects (see menu),

- organizing publishing of books.

Broadly speaking, our main goal is related to transformation of our consciousness in the world of increasing complexity where new approaches, applications and concepts are especially needed. We strive to adapt and look for novelties, which would lead management and social scientific research towards perspective inter-disciplinary directions. At the same time, we are also oriented towards deriving practical and policy related implications at the national, regional and even global level.

The Research centre has an informal structure. It means that our research groups are flexible, multi-institutional. Research topics are primarily concerned with management and social scientific research. Areas of concentration include but are not limited to applications of novel computational intelligence approaches in the areas of economics, finance and management. We are involved in the number of research projects. Some of them there funded by the US Department of State, EU funds, foreign business partners and local companies.

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